Second Work Day at Houston

Oh my goodness this trip is going by too fast!!!! We all are such having an amazing time serving The Lord in so many different ways and places. I love seeing everyone in our youth group come out of their shells and spread the love of God to everyone they see.

Today we partnered with Generation One, the same group Alex talked about in his blog post, and we went out into the 3rd Ward community. In the community we helped out with different projects including picking up a huge pile of trash and painting houses and porches. When my group first arrived to Generation One we were sent to clean up the huge pile of trash.  We were very scared of what we would find. The trash contained 2 dead animals, 2 lizards, a billion cockroaches, one baby crocodile, sticks, logs, and a ton of trash. We all worked very hard and it was clean in no time!!

The next project we did was painting houses and a porch! These projects consumed the most time but we all did them with a huge smile on our faces. Everyone was so joyful and willing to serve. First, we had to scrape off all the paint that was originally on the house. This took up a lot of time but with everyone working really hard, the job flew by. After the house was scraped, it was time to paint! After we finished painting the houses looked amazing. Everyone had done such a great job.

I am so extremely proud of our FPC youth family and how we are all growing together in Christ. This week has been truly amazing and it has only been the second work day! I can't wait to see what God has in store for us tomorrow, and the rest of the days on this mission trip.

We miss everyone at home and can't wait to see you soon and tell you more about our experiences here in Houston!!

Grace Weiner