Romania Palm Sunday/ Work Day

Hey everyone, we hope everyone is all good at home. We are all great here. 

       For those of you who don't know Romania does not celebrate Easter on the same Sunday as us. So while we were here it was Palm Sunday. The service at Pilu's Church was amazing. We got to join them as they worshiped in Romanian but they also played a song in English for us as well. We  also all got to lead a few worship songs. After this I, Abby,  and Sara got to share a short message that we based on the the freedom we receive from the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Collins then also got up and shared a short message about where we settle outside of God's promise land for us. Then, after the service closed, we had lunch and fellowship with some members of the church and their kids. We got to play some games and talk with the people and just have some quality hang out time. Then we went to the Citadel, which is the square of their town, except it is on the top of a mountain so we defiantly got out stairs in for the day. We walked around there a while and saw the sights before coming back down to the church for a little more fellowship and games. 

      Now that you have a little update on our first full day. I can get into our day today. First off after breakfast we headed into the local school. We split into 3 groups to divide into a few 3rd and 4th grade classrooms where we played some number games, taught the students some English, and read some books. From there we headed back to the church to split into 2 groups again. One group headed to David's, one of the missionaries in the area, churches. There we planed about the layout for a new playground they are installing. We also then began to dig holes and fill them with a concrete base so we could secure the equipment. A sub-group then broke off to go to certain houses and pray with some families. The other group stayed at the church to stain some wood fences that will later be put around Pilu and Hadassa garden at the church. After our work, we went trinket shopping at the Citadel. We then went to the group home run by Pilu and Hadassa. We hung out with the kids, ate some brownies and sang some worship songs before moving over to the church. Once we got back to the church and ate, we had a little more time for fellowship before packing up and saying our goodbyes. After we got back to the hostile and debriefed, we split up our supplies in preparation for our days ahead at the orphanages.

With Love, 

Abby Christensen

with contributions for Nicole "Nicu" 

P.S. Shoutout to Ioan, Kenzi, Cleo, China and Syd. Everything is Gucci.