Buna... from Ilisua

Today we embarked from Beclean to the orphanage in Ilisua. This was about a 15 minute drive for us and it was in a very rural village at the top of a hill overlooking the area. The orphanage used to be a tuberculosis hospital and has since been turned into a "sick" kid orphanage. After unloading, we went into the classrooms, gave a brief introduction, then taught several songs about various English words (days of the week, numbers, etc). It was really eye-opening to see the condition the classrooms were in compared to the ones we are accustomed to. I feel like the majority of us don't enjoy going to school, but these kids were extremely passionate about their school and education, which makes us feel more fortunate for what we have. After school, we went outside to play with the kids. In comparison to Beclean, which had a large cement play area, Ilisua had a grass play area about a third of the size of that of Beclean's. It was so amazing to see how happy the kids were doing the simplest activity, such as throwing a ball, or racing, or playing soccer. This just goes to show that this is all part of God's perfect plan. While leaving may be hard, God has each and every one of us here in Romania for a reason. Each ball we throw, each conversation, each smile, each high five we have with each of the kids matters. I think we can all bring this perspective back to the U.S. when we return. We need to be intentional in everything we do, because God works in us at home as well. I loved seeing all of the team members loving all the kids, and playing with them, and again, just seeing how truly happy these kids were to be here with us and to be loved unconditionally. 

Noapte buna

Sam Rapp