welcome.. from Beclean

Hey Everybody,

Today we went to Pilu and Hadasa's foster home and visited their 5 kids (Alex, Alexa, Andreea, Stefan, Cosmina, Julia). the kids gave use a tour of their beautiful home. After the tour we sat with them in the living room and played games, sang songs, and made some bracelets. The younger boy Alex played guitar along with Jayne who played a guitar and Sam who played the piano. After worship we headed back to the church for dinner... we had spaghetti. After hanging out for a while it was time to say goodbye. It was very hard for us because we made connections within a short amount of time we were there. Then we headed back to Fred's and did our devotional before heading to bed. This morning we got up and packed our bags and got ready for the 4 hour drive to Beclean. When we got here many of kids from last year saw team members they saw last year and came up to the vans to say hello. After unpacking and taking our stuff to our room we headed out to meet the rest of the kids. We had a few hours to play with the kids before we headed to dinner. We played soccer with the older kids, and played with bubbles and drew with chalk with the younger ones. After we finished playing we went to a restaurant in town, we had soup, salad, pork, and mashed potatoes. It was really good!! After dinner we headed back to the orphanage and got ready to worship and read a devotional. Tonights devotional was about how we need to stay close to God even when times get hard.

Hope that everyone is safe and happy. Please keep us in your prayers. 

I've had a great experience so far. The kids in the foster home were so welcoming, and showed unconditional love to even us that they didn't know. I was worried about how the kids would respond to me and if they would welcome/like me. But upon arriving I realized just how much these kids were willing to love us and open up to us! Even though we are complete strangers they  treated us like they have known us forever and like we are best friends! 

Amy Diaz