Road Rules Day 4


Sarah Beth Poston -8th grade- Day 4

Today we woke up and finally got the chance to take real showers at the YMCA! After we took our showers we packed up and went to an organization in Trenton, New Jersey called the HomeFront! We decorated and made snack bags for the homeless children who were attending their summer camps. When we finished there, we all pilled up in the buses and vans to headed to our final location, NEW YORK CITY! In Manhatten we were able to bond with our teams at Central Park and eat pizza. After this we were able to go on an AMAZING bus tour around all of New York City! Then we had cheer night at Central Park! Today was great!! 

Will Poland 8th grade

Today we went to a place called home front to give snacks to them to help them feed homeless people. Then we were on the road for about 4 hours from Trenton New Jersey to New York. After that we settled into the church and talked. After that we went to tour the city of New York all night. Then we walked back to the church to have pizza and to go to bed.