Mission Miami Day 5

Day 5 Work Day

Hey there, today the 410 Youth traveled to the second Miami Dream Center location. We began the day by splitting into two groups; the first team traveled to an old abandoned house/apartment complex and helped clear the outside and inside of trash. The previous owner of the house was evicted because of his poor management and creating poor living conditions for those there. Hopefully with our help, the house can be restored to a better condition so the people of Miami can enjoy why it was built, to shelter the people in need. The second team went to the community park and helped clear trash from the baseball, soccer, and recreation fields and from the sidewalks through the city. The kids can now enjoy the community park and allow the community to take pride in the city of Miami. We had the traditional turkey and ham sandwiches at the break before heading out for two more hard-working hours of community service. Both groups experienced many thanks from people in both locations.  Then with a relaxed time back at the gym and some good old fashion BBQ Sandwiches and baked beans and we made sure to get to bed by 9! *Just Kidding* Later on in the night the six small groups embarked on a prayer walk through Central Church. It consisted of four different rooms; the first being a dream room where you can write down your dreams for the youth group, your family, and friends. The second room showed the map of the world, on the map you would put a thumbtack over the country you prayed over, for people to come to know Christ and their struggles. The third room showed how Jesus is referred too as living water. At this station we were able to read verses on how Jesus refreshes us and renews while drinking a glass of water to symbolize this renewing. The last room we went to was the sanctuary where we were able to sit and be still while Jonathan played worship on the guitar. Here we were able to come close to the cross and just sit. Advisors were scattered around praying with us as needed. Was an amazing day and great way to end the night. 

 Nick Iachino

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