Honduras 4.4.16

Day 4- 3/4/16

            Hey guys, it’s day 3 and it could not have gone any better! We started with amazing pancakes and fresh bacon that was sizzling on the plate. Shortly after, we went to the kinder for the first time and we met the nicest kids in the world. They were all so excited to see us! We started the school by introducing ourselves and saying “Hola!” to each person. After the introductions we began teaching about colors. They first read the color in Spanish, then in English. After they had been introduced to all the colors in Spanish and in English they began coloring in rainbows. We played soccer and played on the swings. We also made the kids tie-dye shirts that say “Jesus me ama,” meaning Jesus loves me. After we left we went back to the house and ate rice and beans for lunch. We then left for the orphanage and played with the kids for a couple of hours. They were so excited to see us again, and we got to know teach of them a lot better, while improving our Spanish skills. We had “pasteles” for dinner and they were so good!! We are now planning for the kinder tomorrow and can’t wait for another great day of serving God. 


Nick & Caroline