Romania: Day 1

Buna buna from Romania!

I'm typing this at 9:30 Romanian time, which actually feels like 1:00 in the morning seeing as my body still thinks that it is in Marietta! According to Colé (Cole's newly gifted Romanian name), we have been traveling for 25 hours straight, which is insane! Besides being rather sleep deprived, we are all well and had relatively good travels. We began the morning by traveling all the way down to Hartsfield-Jackson to find out that our plane was delayed-but never fear! Our fantastic leaders sorted the issues out while us "kids" decided to play with a couple of Skyballs in a crowded airport...not a good combination, but we managed to stay out of trouble. Once we got through security and arrived at out terminal we had a good 2 hours before our plane boarded. Some of us slept, others played card games with Andrew, and one of us accidentally almost knocked a water bottle into someone else, but luckily for us we avoided any casualties, for the most part. After a quick 1.5 hour flight to Chicago, we landed and fast walked to our terminal, and boarded the dreaded 8 hour flight. It actually turned out better than I expected a red eyed flight to be, everyone was seated next to each other and we all had TVs on the back of each seat with a sweet movie selection you could dream of! Once we all actually fell asleep, we slept pretty good. I was sandwiched between Cole and Scott, which wasn't the most spacious situation, but we made do. When we landed in Munich we were all very peppy and totally awake (I'm kidding, we probably looked like a hoard of zombies or something similar). The flight to Cluj was short and some of us had entire rows to ourselves! We landed, met Bogdan and headed toward our next destination: McDonalds. After a very American meal, we drove 3 hours until we arrived here in Sighisora, where we met Caroline, Hadasa and Pilu! Dinner here was pizza and we pasted the time by playing an aggressive game of Skyball in the room. We are looking forward to leading church tomorrow and exploring the streets of Romania as a team! Wish us well and pray for us as God works in and through us this week!
See you all in a week!
Caroline Gratwick

P.s. Omg the view is amazing here!!!