Romania Day 3


I hope you all are enjoying your spring break, because we certainly are! Although we did not get to watch the new Star Wars, we are having an amazing time in Sighisoara. This morning we all woke up at the bright and early time of 7:30. Good thing the coffee here is so good because otherwise, it would not have been so easy to get out of bed. Today we got the pleasure of meeting a new friend, David, who builds houses in very poor gypsy villages. He took us to one specific village that was especially poverty stricken. Throughout the morning we mixed concrete and transported it up the mountain to the village, where we filled holes to lay the foundation for a new home. Although I had an idea of what I we were about to walk into, nothing can prepare you for that kind of situation. Most of the homes in the village were one room houses made of clay mud and sticks, that housed anywhere from 5-7 people, mostly children. It was truly an experience that I will never forget. Once we had finished filling the holes for the foundation, we headed back to make some very tasty sandwiches for lunch. We were blessed with an hour and a half, to shower and nap after lunch, which is quite rare to get that kind of down time. We then got ready to go play with the foster kids in the beautiful 75 degree weather. We met at a soccer field the top of this mountain, and played a pick up soccer game. In case anyone was wondering I was the top scorer with a hat trick, followed by Scott who scored twice, and Cole and Sam who had one each and Caroline who was on the losing team couldn't get past my team's defense ;). We also attempted to teach the Romanian kids how to play American football, but that was not as successful as hoped. After playing endless amounts of games, we headed back to the church for a wonderful chicken, baked potato and green bean dinner, with of course the very delicious Romanian bread, that Caroline decided she would take a few slices of home with her, in her backpack. We finally ended the day with some group time, and reflected on the day. I am so incredibly excited to be apart of this team, and I cannot wait to see what God has in store for us the rest of the week.

Libby Poland