Honduras 4.5.16

HOLA DESDE HONDO!!!! The past 3 days of Honduras have been absolutely amazing. Full of service, laughs, and mucha mucha comida. Our day started with a wake-up call from Charlie around 7:15 and an amazing Honduran breakfast. We went to the Kinder again today and seeing the faces of the kids as soon as we walked in was unforgettable. They are all so lively (LOL the power just went out) and full of happiness but love stealing each other’s pelotas. Today we taught the kids about the weather and the story when Jesus calms the storm. Wilson played Jesus in the little play we put on with Grace Mutimer, Mary Emily, Caroline Poston, and I as Jesus’s disciples. The kids are beginning to come out of their shells and relationships are building!

After leaving the Kinder, we began two very intense games of Dutch Blitz. I lost every single round with Mer beating everyone by at least 50 points every time. For lunch we ate cheeseburgers, corn on the cobb, potato salad, and sweet tea. We can tell Amalia is making sure we feel at home J Honestly, it might just be better than the South’s. Then we discussed the “hypotential situation” of singing at church and what that would look like. In the midst of planning a set list, a “hypotential situation” of “if you do it, I’ll do it” occurred. Amalia ate an entire jalepeno yesterday as if it was nothing, so Haley said she could take a big bite but wouldn’t do it. Wilson from across the table said “if you do it, I’ll do it”. After a few words of encouragement, Haley took a bite, just the tip, and immediately regretted her decision. We made her take another bite and her face immediately turned red and tears started streaming down her face. In true to words fashion, Wilson grabbed the remaining pepper and took a bite. His reaction was nothing short of anti-climactic. Haley suffered for the next 30 minutes, all the while finishing planning out the rest of the day.

The next adventure of the day started back at the Kinder. If we haven’t mentioned before, there is a well-used, paint faded playground located at the Kinder that was in need of a face lift. We spent the next couple of hours painting it with all new colors. Unfortunately, the foulthy, rancid, heinous, dank, unholy stench we thought to be the river behind the kinder was actually the gallon bucket of red paint. This ladies and gentlemen was the red scare. If you could imagine the smell of old moldy gym shoes surrounded by a cloud of spoiled milk sitting for 3 months in the hot Honduras sun, you are only beginning to scratch the surface of the putrid aroma we engulfed for the next 3 hours. Even a gentle breeze could not waft the stench from the air. Mary Emily was a trooper and was the designated red painter. That ladies and gentlemen is the true red-scare.  

In all seriousness, EHW.

I cannot wait to see all the smiles on the kid’s faces when they find out their playground has been restored. The stench has faded away by now and they can fully enjoy every minute of the blue, green, and red masterpiece. We attended a church service at La Iglesia del Buen Pastor and sang two English worship songs to them before we heard the message. It was all in Spanish but we had Amalia there to translate most of it to us. The message was centered around Romans 8:35-39 saying that we are more than conquerors with Jesus Christ and nothing can separate us from Him. Nothing can separate the children in Honduras from the love of God and our team definitely needed to hear this message as we hit the half-way point of our journey together. Some of the stories of the children we work with are hard to hear but it definitely brings us comfort knowing that God is with them always, through good and bad times. God is working in all of us this week as we continue to pour into the all the people we encounter and I am excited to see what else God has in store for us!!

Here’s a recording of the service from tonight:




P.S.- If you are wondering why “take me out to the ball game” is playing, we just thought it might be nice to give you a glimpse at what the church piano sounded like.



(Bye and we love you!!!!)

P.P.S.- The power is still out.