Honduras 4.6.16

The Red Scare Parte Dos

            Last night as we finished bible study, at 12:15, we were all preparing for bed. As I went to my room to brush my teeth I hear a scream indicating panic from the girl’s room. This is when I figured out that there was a serious problem. A scorpion, the size of my palm, is alive and walking in between the beds of the multiple screaming girls who were running and yelling for Wilson to kill it. In the craziness of it all, Mer Dunk did the mental measurement of how big this scorpion actually was. As you can see below, it’s big.  After Haley quickly snaps that picture from on top of her bed, in comes Wilson with his size 10 Chaco at the ready. The death of this scorpion was a sigh of relief for all of the girls, until Wilson said these four words, “They come in twos.” And immediately we were back to square one.


Hola Marietta, I’m currently sitting at the dinner table, and watching Dutch Blitz as we finish another great day of serving in Honduras.  The morning started with yet another amazing breakfast, which consisted of scrambled eggs, which were delicious, and also my favorite, buttered toast, exotic, I know. We set off to the kinder for our third day of school and it was great. The kids learned about sports, in English, and it went very very well. It was really fun seeing how much the kids appreciated and liked the new paint color on the playground. All the kid’s eyes lit up when they saw the blue, green, and red (which still smells).  After the kinder we came back home and after a delicious lunch we began prepping for tomorrows lesson plan and we also began packing for today’s bean and rice delivery.  In each bag we included a bible verse in Spanish so each family can be nourished spiritually and physically.  The best part of delivering the beans and rice, was when we visited El Porvenir’s own private school. The kid’s were so excited to se us as we stood at the gate peering into the school ground.  When we finally were let in it was eye opening how much the kids appreciated our company for such a short amount of time.  We visited all of the different classrooms in the school, and met lots of energetic kids. We were able to maintain casual conversation in Spanish as we asked about their favorite colors, their names, and how old they were. While the girls were talking to a large group of kids, I had an idea.  What if I silently and secretively sprinted as fast I could to the playground with no one noticing.  There were already at least fifty kids surrounding me so I didn’t know how well this was going to go over. I whispered, “Chicos y Chicas, Silencio.” And I took off. What happened as a result was the opposite of silencio. It was hectic to say the least. All fifty plus began yelling and screaming corre, which memans run in Spanish, and I knew this didn’t go well. As I arrived at the playground, i turned around to see the rest of the team outside looking at me and I knew I had messed up. Overall it was a great day and I know as a team we made a big difference in lots if kids lives today. And we will continue to do that for the rest of the week.


As we were delivering the beans, rice, and toothbrushes we hear Charlie from inside the van yell “The running of the bulls!” As the group turns around all we see is a street cover from side to side with calf/cows/bulls. To say we panicked is an understatement.  The street was narrow and there was no escape for at least twenty feet so we keep going forward until we finally find a place to get off the road.  Once the calf/cows/bulls caught up to us it seemed as if they were following us. Every which way we went to avoid them, they would all follow as if we were their dinner.  As we scrambled out of their path, we came to the realization that Haley was wearing their favorite color, red.  So as a team our first instinct was to hide Haley from the ferocious calf/cows/bulls. We created a human shield as she squatted down to avoid being seen by the bovines. As the calf/cows/bulls passed by us, we had survived the fierce attack, and our second red scare.

From Honduras, with Love,