Romania Day 4

Buna from Sighisoara!

Time has flown these past days but our memories are strong  and will last for years. God gave us such a great opportunity to show his love in Romania but specifically this morning we showed his love in a small and crowded village. David and Tim picked us up again and he told us that he would have had us work more on the houses from yesterday but felt called for us to pick up trash and pray with families in another village. As we rolled up into the village we saw a beautiful and newly built playground. David told us that an eight year old girl came to help pick up trash like us in the village and was surprised to see that the kids did not have a playground so she went home and had a fundraiser for the playground. An eight year old saw a need in God's people and did something so wonderful! It is amazing to see God's work in everyone young and old. As we got out of the vans, kids (baby goats) greeted us along with a puppy who would not stop posing for the camera. The puppy's name was Rex and Libby wanted to take him home. We picked up trash and put together a fire to burn the old cloth and paper products. We focused on the river sides and river. Quickly we had help from the little boys and men of the village. And we worked together that after about two and a half hours we stopped with having filled up twenty five trash bags of trash and could have done more but  this van and tim's car could not hold more. I do not think I have ever picked up so as many bottles in my life as I did today. During our adventure of picking up trash, a sweet and grateful woman gave us some carbonated water for us to refresh (it was clean!). We then further showed God's amazing Grace by getting drinks and programs to give to the villagers. We prayed for some people with David translating for us. Same, Dean, and Andrew rapped a song for the kids and we taught them how to Dab and Whip. Then we went home for lunch and to prepare ourselves for the foster kids. At three in the afternoon, we went to the church to meet up with the foster families and were given twenty Lues for blessing random people. There were three groups with two foster kids in each group. Caroline and Cole used their money on chocolate and flowers. Scott and Dean used the money on Pepsi. Pepsi! Nobody understands why they would get Pepsi! Luckily Sam, Libby, and I used our money on flowers but were upset because of the price that did not make sense. We tried to tell Andrea and Alexandra the problem but they did not understand. We let it go and gave the flowers to people and prayed for them with Andrea translating for us. After giving out our things we went to their home and hung out. Alexandra played the piano for us, Alex played the guitar, and Andrea played her new clarinet again. Stephan would have played but he has a concert on Saturday and didn't want to ruin his fingers. Sam also played Don't Stop Believing and we rocked out singing at the top of our lungs. The Romanians thought we were weird but who cares? We had fun. We then said goodbye. We then went to dinner and Andrew and Jayne got to see their translator from the olden days. Dinner was really amazing-especially the pork. Then went back to the hotel. When we got to the hotel, Hodasa and Karina came over to bring Andrew his phone... Yes he lost it again and owes everyone five dollars. We also found out that Hodasa will not be coming with us to the orphanages due to a doctor's appointment so please pray for her. Hope everyone else is well and that the spring break is relaxing!