Romania Day 5

Buna from Beclean!

Today we embarked on our voyage to the foster home in Beclean, Romania. The car ride was about 3 hours and a long three hours at that. Caroline and I were nearly sick halfway through the drive and Caroline but after moving to the front and some anti motion sickness pills we were right as rain. Once we arrived in Beclean, we immediately grabbed our soccer balls, footballs, and arts and crafts that we bought at Walmart a few weeks ago and went out to where the orphans play and hang out. This area consisted of a pavement soccer field with rusty, netless goals, half a playground, picnic tables under an old pavilion, and a construction site next door with a hole in the fence. We played soccer and football and Libby and Caroline taught kids how to make bracelets. The language barrier was daunting at first but after a little while we talked to the kids we still had a lot of fun. At 4:15 the orphans went inside to work on homework and we had about an hour break until English class and arts and crafts time. Scott, Lexi, Jayne, Andrew, and I worked on the arts and crafts with the younger kids while the others taught English to the older kids. At 6:30 we left and left to go eat at Liqueda, a local restaurant. It was a two course meal consisting of a cheesy broth with chicken and then mici and fries. Mici was like a fatty ground sausage and it was the food of the day in Beclean. There we met Aaron, a translator that works in a church in Beclean. He will be with us for the next few days helping in the orphanages. He has helped with past teams and visits both orphanages often. Once we got back to the orphanage the team worshipped together and got ready for the next day in Ilisua. It was all in all a good day and a gift from God to see the joy in others from our mission. Keep our team and Beclean in your prayers.

Cole Forgerson