Road Rules Day 1

Hi my name is Savannah and Eliza, and we are apart of the Green Team for the Road Rules Mission Trip. At the end of the day, we had a session for each of the groups to come up and wrap up everything that we had done throughout the day. First, we decided to go through the physical work and the emotional part of the day. We arrived in Clinton, South Carolina and went to a orphanage named Thornwell. This is an orphanage for children that have had to been removed from their parents custody or some other situation. We arrived and immediately went to work. Our group, the Green Team, and the Blue Team went to a cottage and did landscaping. We had to rake out leaves, clip bushes, and laid out mulch all around the cottage. After a long day of work, we went into a common type room to play with the kids. Most kids that were there we in the elementary meeting space. We listened to some great speakers who told us about their journeys through Thornwell. They showed us life lessons about how to not judge someone on how we look because their might be something else going on at home. Things may include your parents getting divorced, someone in the family dying, etc. One of the questions we were asked was what we would like to change in the world. We decided that we would like everyone to be able to accept each other with all their differences. When you think about it deeper, most conflicts around the world have to do with one group not accepting another. This can include things like religion, race, etc. Overall, it was a great day and we accomplished a lot. We are looking forward for what God has in store for us.