"Humble thyself in the sight of the Lord."

-James 4:10

Our Vision:

Jesus commands us to go and make disciples of all peoples. This starts for us at FPC Marietta with making disciples of the next generation. The way we make disciples is to instill in our students an unwavering belief in their identity in Christ.

Today, the world is bombarding students with empty promises with which to base their identity within. The promise is that somehow the things of this world  can fill the God sized void in their heart. The gospel teaches something radically different. We aim to lead students into an understanding that hope and fulfillment is found in recognizing their sin separation form God, humbling themselves, accepting God’s grace through Christ and then rooting themselves in their true identity that is found in Christ alone.

The result of this will be a generation of disciples who are marked by a faith that filled with hope, power, humility and one that gives the glory to God alone


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