The beginning of the School year means one Thing.

Come join FPC Marietta and other Greater Atlanta Churches for a weekend full of Gods word, Worship, and Fun. SharpTop Cove is one of the South's most beautiful best kept secrets. The Facility is tucked into the mountains of North Georgia and offers an amazing facility.

During the day the entire cove is alive, from rock walls, to water slides, and blobs, there is never a dull moment. And at night after everything calms down outside we come together in the WheelHouse for games and worship...

we could keep on trying to put SharpTop into words but we think this does a better job.

Thanks YoungLife for the video!



Everything You need to register for SharpTop:

Step 1. 

Fill out the SharpTop Information form so that we know the best way to contact you. In case we get back early... Definitely not for bear attacks or rock climbing accidents. Definitely not.

There Is also other Information so that we can be better friends. What says friend like knowing your Tshirt size. Am I right?


Step 2.

Go ahead and make your SharpTop Registration Payment so that we can have you officially registered on our list. This way we can get gas for the way up

*the price will increase to $180 on August 10th.

*This is Non-Refundable